We often think of cloud hosting as massive arrays of computers holding enormous amounts of data. They are often thought of as being the domain of the rich or of big businesses. After all, these have a reputation for being expensive machines with complicated architectures. Mere mortals can only pay for the service to enjoy their functionalities. Having a server of one's own is certainly out of the question. Yet the world has evolved including technologies and prices. Today virtually anyone can build his or her own using old equipment. It does take a bit of time and effort but these will be rewarded with the following

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Complete Control

By having your own hosted servers, you can exercise complete control over its entire operation. Nobody will limit permissions or suddenly make changes that you do not agree with. These are issues that commonly plague customers of large service providers. They may be satisfied for a while but the rules suddenly change and they are left to cope in the aftermath. For instance, old services are stopped as the system is migrated to another platform or another business model. Things are not very reliable since you are at the mercy of the company's whims. If you want total control, then you must get your own.

Data Security

Security and privacy are also big issues. Using other servers means placing your sensitive data in the hands of different people. They do not share your concern about these. They treat all data in the same way just random pieces of information. They will put up encryption and similar measures that prevent attacks but you are never certain about the quality of these defenses. Others may also be peeking at your data without you knowing it. If you have important files that you wish to remain private, then don't put them out there. Keep them within your possession through your servers.

Endless Possibilities

Once you set up your hosted servers, a world of possibilities open up. Any program that you wish to run can be installed. Of course, this is subject to compatibility and availability of resources. Otherwise, you have the freedom to do as you please with the machine. Make it stream music to create your own Internet radio station. Host multiplayer games and invite your friends to join you on massive campaigns. Install Wordpress, Drupal, or any other content management system to host your own website. You could also built an email service and keep all of the communications private.

Upgrade as Needed

Since you have physical access to the servers, it is possible for you to quickly modify things as you see fit. Get upgrades as your needs increase. Add more storage as your data multiplies. After all, these are getting cheaper by the year. The technologies are improving as well. You may want to switch to SSDs to gain speed and reliability if you are still using old spinning disc drives. Add more memory if your system feels a bit sluggish. You can never get too much RAM. Make sure that there is a good cooling system to prevent overheating.